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Analyst, Platform Sales

1 year at Citi

"Don’t overthink and keep an open-mind. You will learn on the job, whilst there is some technical knowledge that can be learnt prior to joining the large majority comes with time and experience."

My Background:

I am markets analyst within the Equities division. Prior to joining Citi I studied Economics at the University of Warwick.

My role:

The Platform Sales team is the centralised execution sales team for Equities at Citi. The team touches all channels of execution including Low Touch, High Touch and Program Trading and therefore interacts with the vast majority of desks within the Equities Franchise.

How I got started:

I joined Citi as part of the Markets graduate program in 2019 and had the opportunity to rotate with different teams including Prime Finance Sales, EM Credit Sales and my current team Platform Sales.

A day in the life:

Whilst there are routine tasks that I carry out daily, the day-to-day role tends to vary depending on the team’s current priorities and projects. Given my background, the ‘execution consultancy’ aspect of the role is also very interesting to me. We are effectively leveraging analytics to formulate strategic solutions such as customizations to improve the overall quality of execution for clients.

What I enjoy mosts:

I definitely enjoy the breadth of the role, given the fact that my team is connected to most if not all desks within the Equites franchise I have had the opportunity to learn about several different areas of the business.

Skills check:

The skill set is varied and there is not really a check-list; the variety of skills that each person brings is what makes a good team. That said, it helps to have good attention to detail, strong communication skills and a desire to keep on learning!

Advice for others:

Don’t overthink and keep an open-mind. You will learn on the job, whilst there is some technical knowledge that can be learnt prior to joining the large majority comes with time and experience. Given that you likely will not know what you enjoy until you have actually experienced the role, keep an open mind, your interests or views on certain products/roles may evolve with time.

Where Citi can take you:

The diversified skill set you will acquire from a career at Citi will open a variety of doors within or even outside of the organization. Internally, mobility is encouraged, whether that be a new team, new City or even a new product. The view from senior management is that mobility leads to increased diversity of thought, experience and potential. Some of my colleagues have had multiple careers within Citi alone.

Why Citi?

Without a doubt what makes Citi a great place to work is the people. Whether that be the peers in my graduate class, members of my team or colleagues across the wider floor, people are always willing to answer questions and help you along the way. Especially at the beginning of your career, being in a work environment that encourages curiosity and professional development in such a way is invaluable.

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Analyst, Futures Sales Trading

"Despite being just 2 years in, I have had the opportunity to wear many hats at Citi, and have been able to gain first-hand experience across a number of business lines and roles within the Equities and Securities Services franchise."