Interview Advice and Tips

Thinking about the best way to prepare for your interview and excel in the process? Our team of recruiters from around the world share their best tips for landing your dream job at Citi.



Recruiting Officer


Overcoming Nerves:

Wear professional and comfortable attire that you feel your best in and take time to listen to your favorite songs!

Tips on interview preparation:

Make sure you understand the Job description and research about the organization and the interviewers.

Best interview questions for a candidate to ask:

Can you tell me what you like the most about working here?

Advice on overcoming nerves prior to an interview:

Wear professional and comfortable attire that you feel your best in. Listen to your favorite songs. Be yourself – your personality is what makes you unique as a candidate and your interviewer will know if you’re putting on an act!

Resume tips:

In your cover letter, make sure that you showcase that your skills and experience match the job description and what is required to successfully do the job. Make your resume your professional profile and keep it short and crisp – only one or two pages. Make sure to highlight your awards, recognitions and industry trainings.

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Campus Recruiter

Resume Tips: Consistency! Use the same date/location format throughout the entire resume, double check all spacing and alignments and update all verb tenses to reflect roles that are in the present vs past.