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This Citi Careers Cookie Policy applies to information gathered from visitors and users of Citi Jobs and Citi Careers at or (‘our Websites’). It describes what information is gathered from your device through cookies or online tracking technologies, when you visit our Websites and interact with our Internet content, and how we collect, use and share that information. This Cookie Policy complements, and does not replace Citi privacy statements or policies. This Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with the Careers Privacy Policy for Job Applicants, including Jurisdictional Considerations, which contain additional local/regional privacy provisions for jobs located in specific territories.

Our Websites are managed and operated by Citibank. N.A. located at 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States, acting as an independent business and data controller of its US operations, and as a service provider or data processor for recruitment functions of Citi subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world.

Your privacy is our priority. Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence when processing personal information gathered from your device. Citi will not disclose or provide any information gathered from cookies or trackers about you, your relationship with Citi, or your usage of our services to third parties for any purpose without your consent, or as stated in this Cookie Policy.

You have choices. As a visitor or user, you can make choices about which cookies and trackers that your device may download, or you sign up to a Citi service or fill an Internet request or contact form.

Cookies and Trackers are small, randomly encoded, text files or pixels that a Website stores on your device and can retrieve from your browser. Our cookies can be deployed by Citi (own cookies) or by Citi’s service providers or selected marketing partners (external or third party cookies). Where non-essential, you have the option to turn them on or off.


Our Websites may deploy several types of cookies for different purposes:

  • Strictly necessary these cookies allow our services to operate in a secure and reliable manner and are essential for website operation, navigation and network management, they also remember cookie opt-in or out selections and allow text and images to load correctly on different devices. Strictly Necessary Cookies cannot be disabled, and your internet browser will accept them by default. You can set your browser to delete them after each online session or at any time thereafter.
  • Functional cookies are optional and enable the website to provide enhanced functionalities and personalization, such as language settings, region preferences, and to remember searches and job search parameters. These cookies are set by Citi
  • Analytics Cookies. These cookies are optional and analyze and evaluate usage of the sites so that Citi can measure and improve performance and content, collecting and reporting de-personalized visitor data. Only data that has been depersonalized and aggregated, or anonymized, so that it is no longer personal data, may be used by our service providers for their own purposes.
  • Marketing and behavioural advertisement cookies these cookies are optional are used to understand visitor interests, track how they navigate the site and provide data for advertising purposes, including targeted advertising or content that we publish in search engines or social media channels. These can be set by Citi or selected partners


For Analytics or Statistical Purposes

Citi has contracted service providers to improve services and messaging, offer interactive content, improve usability, and allow users to share news or products. These cookies, even if issued by external suppliers, report user information to Citi, and use only aggregated statistical data for their own purposes.

For Marketing and Behavioral Advertising Purposes

Advertising platforms such as Google Marketing®, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, DoubleClick and Customer Match data; and user trackers from social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, help us deliver multimedia content which may be relevant to visitors through their interactions with our sites, and track responses to advertising to measure the effectiveness of Citi’s online campaigns. Information captured typically includes web requests, session ID, browser types, browser languages and/or the date and time of visitor interaction with Ads.

Foreign Signals Intelligence

Google Analytics, the Google Marketing Platform and YouTube are brands of Google, Inc., Twitter is a brand of Twitter, Inc., and Facebook is a brand of Meta Inc. All are U.S. electronic communications services providers subject to the CLOUD Act (18 USC § 2523), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (50 USC 36 §1801) and Executive Order 12333 (each as restated and amended). These statutes allow federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, under strict conditions, to request from service providers and partners, browsing and technical data of foreign individuals where their data is transferred to, or accessed from, the United States.

You may use our cookie preferences tool or adjust your browser settings to decline or deactivate Functional, Analytics, Marketing or Behavioral Advertising cookies. You may also use the online tools to select cookies and trackers individually as described below.



Our websites provide enhanced cookie preferences, where you may consent for each category of cookie, other than strictly necessary cookies. Please note that not all websites have cookies from all categories. If you change your cookie settings, your new preferences will go into effect immediately.

Alternatively, the following options are also available:


  1. Analytics Cookies You can opt out of Google Analytics using its opt-out tool.
  2. (b) Marketing and Behavioral Advertising Cookies: You may manage and disable marketing and behavioral advertisement cookies through your Internet browser settings. Information on how to change the settings in your Internet browser, to accept or decline cookies in your computer (desktop or laptop) can be found on:

Information on how to change cookie settings in your mobile device (phone or tablet), can be found on:


Cookies used for Marketing and Advertisement purposes can be managed (deactivated) individually via consumer choice tools. Please visit and


If you are a resident of the State of California and wish to exercise any rights under the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), you can submit a verifiable consumer request to us by either calling +1 833-971-1191 (TTY: 711) or visiting our California Privacy Hub.


Cookies are held in your Internet browser’s cache memory. Citi does not store copies in its own systems, or those of its partners or service providers. Most essential or necessary cookies expire automatically after your visit (these are “session cookies”). Optional cookies may have a longer duration (“persistent cookies”) in most cases not exceeding one year.